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Welcome to my landscape gallery!  This is the place I get to photographically display my perception of the world around me.  My day job is in the field of Environmental Science and has been for many years.  While I enjoy that work immensely it does not necessarily lend itself to personal creativity.   I have found photography to be an incredibly satisfying outlet for that blend of creativity and technology that I am just beginning to explore.  Feel free to take a look around, I hope you like what you see.  Do you have a blank wall and an idea of something you'd like to fill it with?  I would love the challenge of commission work, give me a genre, a color or just a feeling and let me go.  I guarantee that if you don't love what I produce you keep your money, I keep the images and call it experience!  If someone is interested in purchasing a print or the digital rights to one of the images in this gallery simply click the "Buy" button in the lower right hand corner.  If you would like digital rights please send me an email at images@doigphotography.  My prices are very reasonable.  Thanks for looking!

Doig Photography is a full service photography service.  For more information please contact us at images@doigphotogrpahy or call at 651-216-2311

Scott Doig, Owner