Landscape Prints - Doig Photography

For my day job I've been in the field of Environmental Sciences for many years.  While I enjoy that career immensely it does not necessarily lend itself to personal expression or creativity.  Enter photography.   I have been having an absolute blast expressing myself through the lens.  I am finding the mix of technology in modern photography and the creative abilities that gives me to be a lot of fun.  Anyway, here is a collection of some of my favorite photographs I've taken outside my portraiture work.  If you are interested in purchasing you can simply add it to the cart or send me an email with the information and I'll order direct.  My prices for prints are very reasonable as I find it to be more satisfying that someone would find one of my pictures good enough to hang on their wall rather than making a few extra bucks.  Hope you enjoy.


Doig Photography is a full service photography service.  For more information please contact us at images@doigphotogrpahy or call at 651-216-2311

Scott Doig, Owner